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The challenge: existing urban infrastructure cannot cope with future growth projections

By 2050, the total amount of urban miles travelled in Durham is expected to triple. The city has a finite number of roads which can only be extended so far  -  and it faces demands from citizens to protect the region’s cultural heritage.
Kiran Fernandes

Greater intermodality between air, road and rail transport systems is needed

A third metro line in Toulouse will not solve the city’s mobility shortfall. Delivery drones and drone taxis can be used in health emergencies to get patients to hospital faster and to transport organs more quickly
Rohit Kumar
Urban mobility can’t be treated in isolation from citywide networks. This is a silo that needs to be broken, Air mobility in a megacity is typically overlooked, but can make a contribution as a complement. There is a disconnect between what urban planners are doing and what technology is creating.
Vassilis Agouridas

Public engagement is crucial

New technologies such as drones and air taxis are increasingly seen a panacea and leading technology providers seem to focus on the adoption of technological solutions; however their development and implementation must be co-created with their users, in particular cities and their public transport authorities, coordinated with public engagement.
Dimitris Assimakopoulos

Ethical considerations must also be taken into account

Politicians must have long-term vision and commitment. Sometimes they are only interested in what will get them re-elected, meaning that citizen engagement is crucial. And for the moment, the debate has been too closely focused on technical rather than moral responsibility.
Bernard Gindroz

Where we go next ?

We need to encourage more projects and to be more ambitious.
Francesco Gargani